my book list

Here’s a list of what I’ve been reading.


Monk Kidd, Sophie.  The Mermaid Chair
A few weeks ago a co-worker and I had a long conversation about literature. The next morning she deposited a massive pile of books on my desk. The Mermaid Chair was the first one I picked up.

Do yourselves a favour: Avoid this book at all costs.

Not only is the narrator one of the most whiny, self-absorbed and unlikeable characters I’ve ever come across, but Kidd seems to think that her readers are morons. Throughout the novel Kidd follows up her imagery and symbolism with an explanation of them. It’s the equivalent of an author screaming “SEE WHAT I DID THERE?! AREN’T I CLEVER?!” After every well-crafted sentence.

Here’s the story:

1. The main character returns home to care for her mother.
2. She whines about her shitty life
3. She has an affair
4. Her husband gets mad
5. She whines some more
6. Her husband forgives her.

In short: uninspired and insipid.

Clarke, Arthur C. 2061: Odyssey Three
The slowest-paced book in the Odyssey series, IMO, but definitely worth the read.  Clarke is witty and intelligent.  You’ll probably be able to get through this one in a couple of days.

McCourt, Frank‘Tis
Excellent follow-up to Angela’s Ashes; This is one of those books you won’t be able to put down.  McCourt is a superior story teller.

Meyer, StephenieTwilight and New Moon
So, I’ll admit it: I’m a book snob and if Emily hadn’t made me read the first book (and then watch the movie) I would have passed these over completely. I intend on finishing this series but Meyer can’t write for $hit.  So um.. yeah, the books are readable, but if you hate run-on sentences and ridiculous plot lines then you should probaly skip the Twilight series.

Coupland, DouglasLife After God
I’m reading this for the second (or third?) time now.  Coupland is one of my favourites – he’s witty and to the point unlike – ahem – StephenieMeyer. If you haven’t read Coupland, Life After God is a good start.  It’s a short read and it’s indicative of his style.  Plus the book is full of ephiphanies.  Great for people suffering from a quarter-life crisis.

Miller, Alice. Free From Lies
An academic study on child abuse in the home.  A good read for the novice, but perhaps a little boring for the seasoned psychologist.  Click here for my full review.

Hemingway, Ernest. Dateline: Toronto
When he was still an unknown, Ernest Hemingway took a job working as a reporter for The Toronto StarDateline is a collection of his dispatches.  These were written before Hemingway had ever penned a novel, some of them before he moved to France and became one of the most iconic writers of our time.  Of course these aren’t as polished as his later work but it’s obvious that he’s always had talent, even at a young age.  A really fascinating read, especially if you’re interested in journalism.



4 Responses to “my book list”

  1. 1 Mark

    I had wondered about Life After God and I’ve never ready a McCourt book before (to the shame of my Irish family.)
    I have so many books to read, the list to too long and time is too short. I’ve been stuck in the middle of Oil! for a while now, got to finish that first.

  2. alright, nanny-ing is making me read your blog less BUT I don’t really remember holding a gun to your head to read or watch Twilight…and then to devour New Moon immediately afterwards 🙂

  3. I didn’t DEVOUR it .. I only finished it in uh … a few .. um .. days.

  4. 4 Leah

    I have the third book- Breaking Dawn- but I haven’t started it yet, I’m reading Time Travellers Wife, and studying for my G1- it’ll be a while until I get to it. I’ll bring it to the next SnB that you can make, Cheryl, K?

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